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Why I'm running for Re-Election



Thank you for giving me the honor of representing you as your State Representative for the past two years. I’m excited to announce that I am running for re-election to House District 24 representing Waikiki, McCully-Moiliili, and Ala Moana. 


These past two years have been a challenge for all of us as we continue to fight COVID-19, but we stay determined and steadfast in our pursuit to continue our efforts to better our community and our state. 


When I entered the Legislature, I knew that this would be a challenge…but I was up for it.


What I didn’t anticipate was how much I would gain from it and how much I would learn and grow from meeting you. 


I understood in the past two years that we had a unique opportunity to change things up. By championing economic diversification and government reform, I wanted to challenge the status quo and offer solutions to better fit the needs of today. 


In 2020, I ran for office on a platform that “new problems require new solutions, and new solutions require new leadership.”


I still believe in our original platform today. As a first-term representative, I learned a lot about how our government works behind the curtains and the problems we had within them. Homelessness, housing costs, crime, environmental damage, etc. are problems we continue to face. I want to bring those to light so you can help me fix them. 


When I first stepped foot into the House chamber, I was deeply humbled by the privilege granted to me by my neighbors. I knew I had a responsibility to work for and represent you.


And I had an obligation to Hawaii –my home – too. I will forever feel grateful to this place that raised me and gave me, the son of immigrants, the chance to represent you. 


People say that change comes slowly and in steps.


And, unfortunately, that has been the reality here for many, many years.


However, I say that doesn’t have to be the case.


If we work together – and if we demand better -- we can change things today. 


In 2020, I revealed a platform with specifics on how I believe the state can improve itself. I introduced bills and had the conversations with my colleagues about this vision then, and I certainly won’t stop fighting for it now: healthcare, minimum wage, new economic opportunities, human rights. 


My commitment to fighting for this vision and changing Hawaii for the better is something you can count on me to uphold – now and always.  


My vision is to create a Hawaii of opportunities: through economic diversification, environmental protections, housing solutions, and the fundamental knowledge that we all deserve better. And this isn’t just a vision or a dream – I believe all of this is achievable.


But only if we strive and fight and push together. 


I want to continue doing my part to help us reach these shared objectives by working every day as your state representative – so I hope you will give me the honor of your vote in the upcoming election. 


Mahalo nui loa, 


Adrian Tam

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